Enter a Heading

Hi, I'm Siataria

I've always had a huge passion for the arts, especially photography. My love for capturing beautiful moments started when I was just 12 years old, thanks to my mom's photography course in college. Through self-teaching and lots of practice in high school, I learned a variety of techniques.

I picked up my camera again.

Although I took a break from photography in 1996 to become a teacher, I eventually picked up my camera again in 2005 and have been honing my craft ever since. I even rebranded my business to Candied Soul Photography! I'm always staying up-to-date with new techniques, and I offer not only stunning portrait photography but also graphic design services like branding, logo design, and business card and flyer creation. My main goal is to provide my clients with exceptional images and designs, and I always strive to make each session a fun, comfortable, and unique experience.

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